buySAFE Shopping Advisor 2.1.1

buySAFE Shopping Advisor 2.1.1: The buySAFE Shopping Advisor enables completely safe and secure online shopping. safer with BUYSAFE. Let’s face it; there are several risks with online shopping. Is your personal information going to be safe and secure? Are you going to get what you pay for exactly as promised? Fortunately, there’s now a way you can eliminate all of the risks of buying online with the new buySAFE Shopping Advisor. Two of its most powerful features are the Safe Shopping Rating and the Safe Shopping Portal. The Safe Shopping Rating instantly

SafeShopper 1.2: Protects your credit card and identity while shopping online.
SafeShopper 1.2

SafeShopper button in your Internet Explorer toolbar. SafeShopper provides you with an instant report as to if the online store is safe to shop at. SafeShopper also provides you with the location, owner, and contact information of the web site. SafeShopper adds a new button, "Verify Security", to your Internet Explorer toolbar. One click will let you know if the online store is safe to shop at. When visiting an online store`s order page, the SafeShopper

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NoSafeMode 1.1: NoSafeMode allows you to limit access of Windows sessions in safe mode.
NoSafeMode 1.1

SafeMode allows you to limit access of Windows sessions in safe mode. In only a few clicks you can select the users not allowed to log in safe mode. NoSafeMode makes sure that at least one administrator user is allowed to connect in safe mode in order to avoid dead lock situations. If uninstalled, NoSafeMode restores Safe Mode access for all users on the machine. For extra security, only unlocked admin users are allowed to change NoSafeMode settings

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Kemo Data Safe  2.0: Kemo Data Safe V2.0 is professional easy-to-use security software that safeguard
Kemo Data Safe 2.0

Safe V2.0 is professional easy-to-use security software that safeguards valuable data and prevents unauthorized access to confidential information. Use Kemo Data Safe to conceal your data and prevent Hackers from accessing your hard drive via the Internet and copy all your data. With Kemo Data Safe V2.0 you can backup and export your Safe to any type of media, USB, CD/DVD, local lan or FTP server. When your safe is open you can simply access it throws

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SAFE Block 1.0: Software wite blocker for computer forensics and handling digital evidence.
SAFE Block 1.0

SAFE Block preserves all DCO information, allowing safe removal of the DCO or HPA/DCO combination, then upon completion of the acquisition, replacement of the DCO or HPA/DCO combination back to its original state. SAFE Block provides automatic write blocking of all directly attached media, including IDE, SCSI, USB, and IEEE 1394. The user controls automatic write blocking policies for fixed and/or removable disks. The user can have SAFE Block remember

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FOX Password Safe 2.1: Secure, reliable password manager. You can also encrypt and hide your files.
FOX Password Safe 2.1

Safe is a reliable, secure and essential tool that allows you to safely and easily store all your passwords, web site logins and other important information. FOX Password Safe also allows you to encrypt documents and files, then hide them to keep them safe. Simply double click on the listed document to unencrypt and load it. It uses totally secure AES 256 bit encryption to keep your information safe. FOX Password Safe helps to make online banking

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the Software Safe 2: A Safe, locked with a password, personal questions, color codes or photo-locks.
the Software Safe 2

Safe by dragging them onto the Safe icon on your desktop. Also you can copy files into the Safe by right clicking a file, choosing "Send to..." and selecting the Software Safe. The additional Thermic Lance utility program allows you to open the Safe when you have forgotten the keys to any of the personal locks. You do need to remember the password at all times, since without the password it is nearly impossible to open the Safe. The Safe is designed

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